4 Day Detox

Four days. Six juices per day.

Let me start off my saying oooooooof, that was harder than I thought. This post is totally TMI but if you want to read the review, then here ya go. I am an open book. This was such a mental challenge for MY HUSBAND and I. Yes he did it too. What a hangry household for four days. Well, actually three. We both looked at each other the morning of the fourth and so kindly said, “lets make some eggs”. Best eggs I have ever had.

I am sure there are all kinds of juice detox bars in your area. The one in my area is called “Nekter Juice Bar” . I have linked the website here and it actually looks like you can order it online! I have had lots of questions about this cleanse so here we go. Why did you do it? How did they taste? How was the “booty”? Lets start this little recap.

Day One: I was super excited try all the juices. Here are all my first opinions on all 6 and how day one truly went.

Juice One: 8am- Celery Juice wasn’t too bad. My husband would say it was his least favorite but I think I am little more of a health nut than he is. The after taste really just tastes like V8 to me. Wasn’t gaggy at all. Some mornings I had this before my coffee, others I drank it after. I am sure on a juice cleanse you are not supposed to drink coffee but lets be real….kids.

What happened? Liquid poop. Yup, TMI but you asked for a real review. I was super duper nervous after this first juice to try the rest. My husband said this did not happen to him but me….yes. I think 4 times before my second juice.

Juice Two: 10am- Turmeric Citrus. This one is my second favorite. To be honest we drink this one at my house all the time. If my little one starts to get a sniffle we allow him to drink this as much as he wants. It is bomb- a good orange juice sub.

What happened? I knew what this juice tasted like prior so I wasn’t worried. I was more worried about how it was going to feel on the way out. Luckily it was only 1 more time before juice three. I was DYING for juice three. I was so hungry.

Juice Three: 12pm- Strawberry Pitaya Protien. Barf. This one was my least favorite and my husbands favorite. It was too fruity for me. I would rather drink 10 celery drinks over this one.

What happened? Made me full. It has protein in it.

Juice Four: 2pm- Charcoal Lemonade. Yassssssss! This one was so refreshing. Again, one of my husbands least favorites but one of my favorites. It is quite sour but I felt like it was light and refreshing after that heavy protein one.

What happened? Nothing.

Juice Five: 4pm- Classic Greens. Easy peasy again….a little sweet but easy.

What happened? Nothing.

Juice Six: 6pm- This one was pretty good. By 6pm I could tell my body needed some more protein. It was a little sweet to begin with but after a while just tasted like a sweeter protein shake and less icy. This one was way better than the pink one.


Not bad at all. The reason I wanted to do this cleanse was because I felt my body hating itself. I felt like I wasn’t eating the right foods and I just needed a total body restart. I think it did the job. After my initial squirts were over, I started feeling really great. I could find my body craving more protein and I knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel. But by the way my husband lost 5 lbs. I lost 1. Men. Awesome. I feeeeeel better though and thats what matters. I think what I learned most about this was that I am a kid snacker. I snack off my kids breakfast plate, I snack of their morning snack, I snack off their lunch…you get it. Even if you try the cleanse for one day it is actually a great way to see what changes you can make to your diet. I loved it. I will do it again 100%

But for now, I am going to pour some wine.

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