Dear Son.

Dear Son,

You have changed me. You are the person who made me a mother. You are the one who as made me better. You are the hardest, most challenging, and greatest accomplishment of my life. You have no idea how I longed for you. How many surgeries I had to have to have you. How many tears your father and I had cried to conceive you. You are my son. You have showed me how to be strong, you made me tired, but yet for some reason my love for you only keeps growing. You were my first introduction into the true meaning of selfless and unconditional love.

You made your Dad have a softer heart. You have changed our marriage…for the better. You show us every day how to laugh. You are such a joy in this world and I cannot wait for you to show it off.

You won’t remember a lot before this birthday. You won’t remember the way you looked at me the first time we met. The way you made your Dad cry. You wont remember the way I held you against my body for hours at a time. You won’t remember your first 12 months. Each one different than the last and us celebrating each milestone. I will.

You drive me crazy. You know just how to push my buttons yet you are the best at melting them. You make my heart sing.

You won’t remember how I potty trained you. The way I sat in the bathroom with you and cried with you. You won’t remember how I had to bribe you. You won’t remember how you made your little sister belly laugh. No one can do it like you do.

You are the one to changed my body. I am different. I am softer. This is such a blessing in disguise. For 9 months my body grew and for 9 months my body nurtured yours. Without me, there would be no you.

I know I made you, but you have made me.

Happy 3rd Birthday Big Boy.

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